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About IWC

Bishop Robert Clarence Lawson, establishmentarian of the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ (COOLJC) prayed to God for ten years for a national organization and program which would included all of the women of COOLJC.  His prayers were answered in 1952 when God gave the late Mother Delphia Perry a vision for an auxiliary that would include every woman in the organization.  The purpose of the auxiliary would be to “help foster the gospel, education, and help mankind at home and in foreign lands”.

Prior to this time, the only International women’s organization of COOLJC was the Missionary Department; which was limited in membership because of the qualifications inherent in a Missionary.  Since the younger women did not always qualify as Missionaries, they often felt left out and powerless.

An international women’s organization that included not only Missionaries, but also other women who desired to work for the Lord in COOLJC was therefore needed.  There were also areas of service needed that did not fall within the scope of Missionary work.

The International Women’s Council (IWC) is composed of all women who are members of any legally constituted local church in COOLJC.  The IWC includes all women regardless of age or marital status.  Women can be a part of other COOLJC auxiliaries and maintain membership in IWC.


Unity is Our Theme ~ Glory is Our Goal

Motto: “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me”, Phillipians 4:13

Theme for this administration: Standing on Our Legacy as We Possess Our Future.  Joshua 4:19-24

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